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The Role of Steering Committee Members

Members of the MSIC Steering Committee have the fiduciary responsibility of managing the Council. MSIC’s effectiveness is largely determined by the Steering Committee’s business decisions. A maximum of fifteen (15) members is permitted by our By-laws, composed of four (4) Elected Officers, and up to eleven (11) Community Representatives and/or Appointed Representatives. Non voting Advisory Representatives also attend these meetings. See below for descriptions.

All Officers and Community Representatives are elected for one year terms at the MSIC Annual Meeting, held in the fall. Appointed Representatives (people representing a specific community group) serve for two years. Officers and Community Representatives may be re-elected for additional one year terms upon approval by a majority of the Steering Committee, with ratification by Members at the next general meeting.
Appointed Representatives can be re-appointed for additional two year terms by their organizations upon approval of a majority of the Steering Committee.

To help candidates for Steering Committee positions determine what is required of them, the following are considered minimum expectations:

  1. Attendance at and participation in up to twelve (12) monthly Steering Committee meetings per year (2 hrs/meeting, 2nd Thursday evening of each month). Members who miss more than three consecutive meetings without good reason are asked to resign.
  2. Attendance at and participation in all MSIC community meetings, generally three a year. When these are held they replace a Steering Committee meeting in 1 above.
  3. Active participation on the committee(s) or project committee(s) for which they feel they can best provide assistance, guidance, or support.
  4. Active recruitment of community personnel to get them involved with Council activities.
  5. Comprehension of the terms of the Council’s By-laws, especially regarding Steering Committee responsibilities.
  6. Proficiency in the use of computer software programs like Microsoft Word and Excel, and have a valid E-mail address.

Benefits of Steering Committee Membership
As with any organization, the benefits of membership are directly related to the amount of involvement. Those who serve on the MSIC Steering Committee find they have grown personally and professionally by:

  1. Helping to make a difference in the greater Montclair Village area:
    • Using the leverage of a dynamic group to effect safety and other improvements in our community
  2. Learning how a not-for-profit organization operates:
    • The financial considerations
    • The management decisions needed
  3. Improving personal skills:
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Leadership
    • Team-building
    • Training
  4. Developing networking opportunities:
    • Interacting with peers and professionals in the community

Interested candidates should contact the Nominations Committee Chair by E-mail at nominations@montclairsic.org.

MSIC Steering Committee Position Descriptions
Officers: Chair

The Chair presides at all regular meetings of the Steering Committee and General meetings of the Council. He/she is responsible for the enforcement of the laws of the Council, and securing the execution of the will of its members. The Chair appoints, under the direction and subject to the approval of the Steering Committee, all chairs of committees, project committees and groups not otherwise provided for. He/she is an ex officio member of all Standing Committees and Project Teams.

Officers: Vice Chair
The Vice Chair exercises the duties and assumes the authority of the Chair in the Chair’s absence, and is an ex officio member of the Finance and Nominations committees.

Officers: Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for making certain that the records and minutes of the meetings of the Steering Committee and the general membership meetings are properly recorded and distributed in a timely manner. He/she maintains records of meeting attendance, and performs such other duties as may be delegated by the Steering Committee.

Officers: Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for the Council’s financial affairs and the establishment of proper accounting procedures for the handling of the Council’s funds. He/she is responsible for keeping the Council’s funds in such banks, trust companies, and/or investments as are approved by the Steering Committee. The Treasurer reports on the financial condition of the Council at all general meetings and meetings of the Steering Committee, and at other times when called upon by the Chair. He/she creates a budget for each fiscal year for review and approval by the Steering Committee. He/she is a member of the Finance Committee and performs such other duties as may be delegated by the Steering Committee.

Community Representatives
Any citizen residing in OPD Police Beat 13Z is eligible to be elected to serve as a Community Representative on the Steering Committee with full voting privileges. He/she performs such duties as may be delegated by the Steering Committee.

Appointed Representatives
Any civic or community organization operating within Beat 13Z is eligible for one appointed position on the Steering Committee. In addition to their duties as a voting member of the Steering Committee, Appointed Representatives are responsible for the accurate and timely flow of information, commitments, and positions between the organizations they represent and the Council’s Steering Committee.

Advisory Representatives
Political representatives whose jurisdiction includes Police Beat 13Z may attend and participate in Steering Committee and Council meetings as non-voting advisors to the organization.