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Traffic & Pedestrian Safety

The MSIC is working to address the types of traffic and pedestrian safety issues that are beyond a single street's control, or are beyond a single Montclair Organized Neighborhood's boundary in our Montclair area.

Many traffic and pedestrian issues have been identified, and much work to improve these conditions has been accomplished by working with local schools, OPD and Oakland Public Works. New signage, increased patrols and roadway and infrastructure improvements are some examples of work that has been done to increase safety.

But there is still much to do. Traffic issues exist around schools, excessive speeding takes place along our streets and thoroughfares, vehicles parked along narrow streets can hinder emergency vehicles, and so on.

Please contact the MSIC or attend one of our Community Meetings to voice your traffic and pedestrian safety issue so that it can be prioritized and addressed.

How to Suggest a Safety Issue to the Team

The MSIC wants to know what traffic and pedestrian safety issues you feel should be addressed in our neighborhoods, and what solutions you envision. To provide feedback, please contact the MSIC by sending us an email. Be sure to include the following in your communications:

  • type of problem (i.e. crosswalks, stop signs, speed limit signs, speeding, unsafe driving, lack of enforcement of traffic laws)
  • specifics of street intersections (i.e. northeast corner of Scout and Ascot)
  • street addresses (i.e. 2921 Mastlands through 3109 Mastlands)