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Crime Prevention

The MSIC is focusing on the various forms of crime that occur in our area, identifying ways of reducing or eliminating it, and creating ways to help the Oakland Police Department serve our needs better.

This includes addressing issues like:

  • Home Alert/Neighborhood Watch: These groups currently operate with no area-wide coordination, and many neighborhoods have no organization
  • Crime Reporting & Response: Reports of vandalism and robberies in our area requires area-wide response and prevention methods
  • Cyber-crime: Computer crime is growing and we have many residents who are not proficient at preventing it
  • Mail Theft: Although this has been a separate focus of the Mail Theft Team, this function is being folded into the scope of the Crime Prevention Project.
  • Identity Theft: When someone's personal information is stolen, whether from mail or electronic sources, it takes months and sometimes years to clear a person's credit rating

For information about reporting crimes to the Oakland Police for our area click here. Also consider joining the MSIC Yahoo Group where weekly updates are posted of crimes reported to the Police, as well as information posted by residents about criminal activity in our area that may not get reported to the Police. You can also post messages yourself.